MOL Maan Nuhassen | Promotional Videos (2013)

A couple of videos for the Ministry of Labor’s campaign (Ma3an Nuhassen) which enables the public to get involved in the Ministry's decisions before they are taken into action.

Maan Nuhassen Campaign Videos
In the mid of November 2012, we were asked by producer Jassem Alsaade to work with him on finishing the Post Production work for the Ministry of Labor’s campaign executed by 3Points
It included several high ranks from the MOL, including the Minister Adel Fakeeh. The process included a lot of keying, color correction, compositing and Motion Graphics to build up the videos identity, which we had help in its art direction by Majed Munshi.
The talented Ahmad Al-Saggaf worked his magic on keying the the original footage below:
Agency: 3points
Director: Jassim Alsaade
Art Direction: Majid Munshi
Keying Artist: Ahmad Al-Saggaf
Motion Graphics: Majid Al-Aydeross

You can contribute to the decisions of the MOL from:
Reach us on

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