Downy | Shelf Screen Commercial (2012)

A Shelf Screen Commercial for Downy to be played in Supermarkets.

A Shelf Screen Commercial produced back in 2012 and played in Supermarkets.
The ideas were basic and simple, but I needed the extra attention to detail for everything to look smooth & nice. The animation of the zipper, the reflections of the bottle, shadows of objects falling, appearance of new elements.. It all had to be well done.
Another crucial part was having smooth transitions without wasting frames we can't afford wasting, as the commercial time was already very tight.
In order for the flowers to have a more dynamic feel, I reached out to 3D Artists Ahmad Al-Saggaf and Khalid Al-Aydeross who provided me with rotating flowers that I was able to use as particles - that are not flat- :)
Client: Downy
Agency: Livingroom Communications
Production: FramedKeys
MotionGraphic Artist: Majid Al-Aydeross
3D Artist/s: Ahmad Al-Saggaf & Khalid Al-Aydeross
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